Applying for COSMA access


Applying for COSMA access

All users of COSMA need to apply for a DiRAC COSMA account though SAFE.

COSMA is a collection of HPC systems which are used locally and nationally. If you are a member of an approved DiRAC project, which has a current allocation on COSMA, please apply using the project code (e.g. dp004). If you are a member of the ICC at Durham or a collaborator or a member of the Virgo consortium, please use the project hpcicc to access local hpc systems. Note : At the time of writing the hpcicc code is at the bottom of the menu.


In order to get an account, a potential user needs to know their project code (e.g. dp004).

Users can register at the same time for an account on the admin website (SAFE), and on the service machine (e.g. cosma). This is what a new user should do.

  • Go to:
  • Click on the "Create an account" link at the bottom of the login page.
  • Fill in the personal details - please use your institution email address and not a personal email address.
  • You will receive an email from SAFE to complete registration on SAFE.
  • Having set your SAFE password, then under 'Login accounts' select 'Request login account'
  • Form the project dropdown menu select your project code.
  • Select the 'cosma' (not cosmos!)
  • Enter IP addresses Note this is a legacy feature; ip addresses are not used anymore!.

Your request will be sent to the project PI, or their representative, who will authorises/reject this request as approprate.

If successful, you will then be sent approprate information about connecting and using the cosma system from the administration team.  This may take a couple of days, so please be patient.

For more information about SAFE, please see the safe-guide.