Welcome! This page is all about the new COSMA5 HPC system at the ICC in Durham.

COSMA 5 has 420 compute nodes, given it 5776 cores, which is based on the Sandy Bridge architecture. The nodes are connected via Mellanox FDR10 Infiniband switches in a 2:1 blocking configuration. Access is enabled through three login/development servers each with 512GB of memory. Currently connected is a DDN storage system configured with DDN's Exascalar and delivering 2.5 PB of data space.

Access is still limited to a subset of DiRAC users running production codes helping to optimize the cluster for the wider DiRAC community. The system will be taken into full production for DiRAC-2 at the start of December 2012.

The system uses the GPFS filesystem, and Slurm as its job submission system.

COSMA5 has the following free disk space (TB):