Conecting to COSMA


Conecting to COSMA

When you have successfully requested an account for COSMA, you will be sent a username and a password. Since 2015 COSMA has used ssh keys for authentication. If you did not send a public ssh key when requesting an account then you will have to create a key pair and upload the public key to your SAFE account.  The password is presently only used to access our help pages. ( Please change this password on your first login using the command:


The password should follow best practise (currently, long pass phrases).

Connect from your local machine

COSMA has 5 login servers, three for COSMA5, and two for COSMA6/7.
To have a full X-capability connection to COSMA, please use:

>ssh -X   (COSMA6 and COSMA7)
>ssh -X    (COSMA5)

The login systems are also the developing nodes: so they know about the compilers and about the batch system. Unless otherwise specified all the user's interactive work is done on the logins.

Your home quota is usually 10 GByte. This space is backed up every night and should be used for code and other data that is not easily recoverable. The space for your data is located in /cosma[567]/data/project_name/user_name. Your quota there is more generous and is currently set by default to 10 TB.

Please note that because of current differences in CPU architecture between COSMA6 and 7, code compiled with strong optimisation on the COSMA7 login nodes may not work on the COSMA6 compute nodes (illegal instructions).  A COSMA6 compilation node will be made available shortly.